Required Reading: NBA Literature

As in any other academic field, my knowledge and ideas within the NBA realm are built upon the shoulders of giants, so to speak.  I’ve read tons of articles and a handful of books that have inspired the way I think, and I think it only fair for me to point you in the same direction.  I’ll periodically update this section by section so to tell you what you should be reading and what’s worth avoiding (but mostly the former).


  1. Morris, Benjamin, “The Hidden Value of the NBA Steal”
    1. An absolutely necessary read that will make you think twice about a player’s value.  Essentially, the author reassigns “point totals” to each individual stat relative to a singular point scored based off some statistical analysis.  So one rebound equals 1.7 points, one assist equals 2.2 points, one turnover equals -5.4 points, one block equals 6.1 points, and one steal equals 9.1 points.  The conclusion simply is that the emphasis on literal scoring is unnecessary because  scoring is a “replaceable” skill in the NBA whereas a steal is more “irreplaceable.”  This is why players like Rudy Gobert and Kawhi Leonard are extremely valuable.

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